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Zevar - Your Silver Odyssey

Zevar comes from the Urdu word, which translates as “Ornament ”. Zevar celebrates the diversity of India and its multiple cultures.

We source our jewelry from selected artisans across the country and the only common themes are the metal used (sterling silver) and the use of semi-precious stones, using techniques passed down through the generations.

Zevar showcases the finest traditions of Indian craftsmanship such as the “Kundan” enamel work of Rajasthan, temple deity inspired designs from Southern India and Buddhist influences on our designs from Tibet and Darjeeling. 

Zevar jewellery is niche, handmade and limited runs of designs add to the uniqueness of the brand. Our collection includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings, embellished with a range of gemstones including garnet, amethyst and turquoise. 

We stand out for our distinct designs, look for originality, quality of workmanship, and pieces we know our customers will love. 

Zevar exudes old world and rustic charm. Each design emanate grandeur and opulence, their colours speak of splendor, their enigma reflects legends and stories, with each design having a personal tale to narrate.

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